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Trails To Old Pond Creek

by Jim Fulbright

301 pages, 5 ½ x8 ¼ , Illustrations, Photos, Notes, Comments and Variants, Maps, Softcover

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While the Old West has long since passed, dim reminders of the era still mark the landscape. This is especially true on the barren prairies of northwestern Oklahoma where, in some places, the ruts from cattle trails, freight wagons and stagecoach roads are still evident.

Several of these trails intersected at an early-day trading ranch and stage stop in what is now Grant County, Oklahoma. Today, a stone monument stands on this mostly forgotten spot, known through the years as “Sewell’s Stockade,” “Hopkins’ Ranch,” and “Pond Creek Ranch,” but herein is more than a complete history of the events and people associated with this once fascinating place.

Trails to Old Pond Creek documents a transportation network that served an entire region during the last half of the nineteenth century. While much has already been written about the Chisholm Trail, one of the routes leading to Old Pond Creek, far less has been said, until now, about the development of the associated roads, the freight and stagecoach companies that used them, and the hardy souls who carved out a danger-fraught life at the isolated trading ranches and stage stations along the way.


Trails To Old Pond Creek
By Jim Fulbright