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My Home – The Home of Many

By Barbara Mahorney Alusi

ISBN: 0-934168-20-3
Hardbound, 124 pages 8˝"x11"
100 photos

Barbara Mahomey Alusi, author of My Home – The Home of Many, shares her past experiences and remembrances of the years at the Home. She relates the common bond among students who became her family. Where are and who are these children today? This book gives insight into this.

The People of Oklahoma and the American Legion displayed their patriotism and pride by opening the doors of the America Legion Children’s Home in Ponca City, the only such home in the U.S.A. This book is about the Home’s founders, builders, promoters, officials, employees and the hundreds of children who have been reared there. It is the first published history of the Home since its establishment 60 years ago.


My Home – The Home of Many
By Barbara Mahorney Alusi