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Inola, Oklahoma The First 100 Years
Compiled and Edited by Robert Evans

ISBN: 0-934188-42-4
Hardcover, 288 pages 8"x11"
several hundred photos

Inola The First 100 Years Is a pictorial and text history of the little village of Inola, Oklahoma, which is east of Tulsa about 15 miles, and known as "The Hay Capitol of The World." The 'little village' has grown into a nice rural/suburban town of approximately 2000 people in one of the fastest growing counties (Rogers) in the state of Oklahoma, and it has quite a history through the years. When word was sent out that Inola Historical Society was going to sponsor a book about the community, material on churches, neighborhoods, rural schools, families, etc. came pouring in, and the town's editor of The Inola Independent put it all together into a 288 page history of the community, from early statehood to the 1900's. If you know anything about Inola, and Rogers County, you will enjoy this history.
Inola, Oklahoma The First 100 Years
By Robert Evans