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Cherokee Strip Fever

by Zola Sample

ISBN: 0-934188-13-0
dust jacket, illustrated

Cherokee Strip Fever begins in March 1895, when 25 year old, terrified but resolute Charity Bellis, with three small children, leaves the security of her Iowa home to join her husband in Indian Territory, seeking a homestead. A near disastrous crossing of the swollen Arkansas River highlights one of the book's best chapters. Once united, the family must battle against frontier uncertainty, natural calamities, outlaw gangs and hard times in its struggle to survive on the frontier. With determination and resoluteness, the Bellises win their own piece of land.

In 1989 Zola Sample was a resident of Okmulgee. At 88 years of age, she lived by herself, was blind, nearly deaf, but still managed to write a newspaper column and attend church every time the doors were open. Before her death she completed two books, her autobiography and a sequel to Cherokee Strip Fever.




Cherokee Strip Fever
By Zola Sample